Khayaban E Amin Lahore

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Khayaban e Amin Lahore
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For Sale Lahore Khayaban-e-Amin

Dear CMY,

I need your expert advice about Khayaban-e-Amin Lahore.

Is it safe enough to invest in that society? Are there some other options available in the same price?



Habib replied on Monday, August 24, 2009 02:02 PM PST Looking at the pace of deveopment and the way they have stopped after making main bluvard after 3 years. I am supecting the they have sold more files than land, because recently i contacted them and asked about tranfer charges to buy the file, they told be only 6000 for Kanal, I asked what about CVT and stamp. They told this is society letter only and nothing to do with tax etc. It may be charged on allotment.
It means that you get only one paper by paying 10,11 Lacs. All the socities like 
DHA Lahore if they have land they ask you the money for CVT and stamp duty. No matter possession will be there after 10 years like phase 9,10.
This is just my suspecion and may be wrong but I myself decided not to invest. And you know it had happened many times in past as well Park view Lahore, Eden City Lahore etc all sold more files than the land they had. 

Asif replied on Monday, August 24, 2009 03:41 PM PST Thank you Habib sb for information. But how about there recently launched ameen homes scheme where they are planning to build 2000-3000 homes. Site is proposed for this but block are not partitioned. 

Habib replied on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 02:00 PM PST Can you give more information of Ameen Houses, I saw there were many low coast houses ready in that atra these houses were Launched in 2006 @ 16 Lac per 5 merla. Eden Lane 2 also Lauched some houses in that arear in 2006 @ 24 Lac for 5 merla. If you visist his society you can see these houses but I got information from wtchman that no one was living there.
I intended to buy 10 merla file which was in market in 6 Lac but delaer warned me about shortage of Land issue and told location is not clear. Then he told me why you dont buy in Muhafiz town 2, where 10 merla is about 12 Lac it is situated right on Defence road and there are most facilities and some houses also under construction. but due to difficulties of transfer [For Muhafiz you have to goto Police Foundation 
Islamabad] I could not do that as I was on short vacation. And was not sure amid weakening Pak rupee how much benefit I shall get investing for 3ys in this area. 

Asif replied on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 02:10 PM PST You are right those low cost homes are ready now and they gave possession last month i think. I visited them few days back and now there are good number of families though not all homes are populated. Sahir associates has put compulsion for home owners to reside in homes immidiately after possesion and within few weeks a good number of homes are populated. However as u mentioned about plots their new project of ameen homes the blocks and land is not clear. Your home can be anywhere in 8-10 blocks and some are adjacent toLake City back side. 

Their prices are very good but other issues like you mentioned are not clear to me.


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