DHA Valley Islamabad 4 Marla Commercial Plot

Sunday, February 20, 2011 07:59 PM PST Reply: Write answer to this advertisement HERE on this page under this message.

DHA Valley Islamabad 4 Marla Commercial Plot
DHA Valley, 4 marla commercial avenue open certificate ( file ) for sale on investor rate. I have paid 8 installments out of fourteen. Total amount is PKR 20 lakh, paid amount PKR 12 lakh 30 thousand and deman is PKR 9 lakh 50 thousand. Remaining amount should be paid in quarterly installments. Contact for more details. Syed Muzanfar Gardezi Cell: 03335716789

Trying To Solve Categories View Problem Test Post By CMY

Trying To Solve Categories View Problem Test Post By CMY

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What Is The Current Rates For 1 Kanal Residential Plots In Dha Islamabad Phase 1 And 2 & Bahria Garden City

DHA Islamabad A.Salam Saturday, February 19, 2011 07:23 PM PST Reply: Write answer to this advertisement HERE on this page under this message.

Ad Type City Scheme Phase
Dealing Islamabad DHA 1 & 2
Dear experts,
What is the current rates for 1 kanal residential plots in DHA Islamabad phase 1 and 2? Is it worth investing or good for living? What are the future prospects?
Your opinion matters

Expat Advisor replied on Saturday, February 19, 2011 10:20 PM PST

Very good investment, indeed but only in DHA-2, If you are not willing to go for Bahria Town.

If you have a glance over the whole area starting from Sawan Bridge, you are having everything nice on both sides of the GT road.

Right side, there are phases of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, then go further and see Zaraj (very good scheme once but now became sandwiched between Bahria Town & DHA Islamabad. But still the best location and fascinating view and development also not bad, if you do not compare with DHA/BT. Then comes Aghosh which is now part of the DHA Islamabad, further down there is DHA-3 and move forward, you will find Bahria Garden City.
This side of GT road is whole commercial and offering good returns. A 10 Marla commercial plaza with a basement will surely give you a retiring support and plot will cost you, now, around 70 Lacs.

Now left side of the GT road, there are phases of Bahria town and then after a while DHA commercial starts. DHA commercial is costing now 55 to 80 Lacs (some location at GT frontage goes to one Crore) for a 4 Marla plot with DHA drain provided. This side now is not very hot but if you compare dealing with RDA/NHA (the right side of GT road), the DHA side is best in terms of taxes, the paper work and other possession related issues, such as Patwarees & problems with NHA.

Commercial weight age of the area plays greater part in the residential area’s values and your basic question about the DHA-1 & 2, I would go ahead for DHA-2 AND its extension of the commoner’s Town.

In DHA-2, proper, a one Kanal is as low as 42 Lacs, a 10 Marla at 28 Lacs & Best location at 30). Rent for one Kanal is min 50,000 plus and for a 10 Marla house it is above 30,000.
People are shifting from DHA-1 to DHA-2 as DHA-2 is also getting popularity due to its closeness towards Islamabad highway and its extension’s projects.

Work in valley is no doubt slow but DHA Homes are now coming up like anything, as the ground work has been done and ground work is the one which takes most of the time. DHA Homes are earth quake proof by the way!

The development in Rawalpindi/Islamabad must not be compared with Lahore as Lahore is having a flat terrain but there in DHA-2, locations are horrific. People were even afraid to walk through in day light.

In my thinking, DHA-2 is much better than G-13/G14, if you compare your investment versus returns. See in G-13, a 25*50 will cost you 50-55 Lacs (Mr. Nadeem is much better than me in CDA sectors) and both portions would yield Rs. 40,000 but in DHA-2 invest 28 (NOT for a 25*50 but a 35*70) Lacs and get the rent Rs. 30,000 plus after value additions, this will surely prove better than G-13 & 14, as there is no comparison between CDA & Defense/BT standards of infrastructure( surely Bahria Homes are excluded as their ground work is excellent, is earth quake proof but the construction material is cheapest).

I hope DHA does better in DHA Homes, in phase-2 extension!

ihsan illahi replied on Saturday, February 19, 2011 11:53 PM PST

prices r going down continously in dha .dont invest there u can invest in g 13 CDA sector wish u good luck INSHALLAH

Nabeel replied on Sunday, February 20, 2011 12:30 AM PST

Thank you for your very useful input on DHA Ext. II, Islamabad. Your conclusions for an investment in DHA II VS Sector G 13 in Islamabad is well justified. Would you happen to know the location of Extension II, Sector “F” in the MAP ? I am trying to understand the difference between “DHA Ext. II, Ex-Commoner’s Town” and “DHA Ext. II” which is shown further away from GT road on “Wikimapia” ?

Do you happen to have Extension II Map or can point out location for sector “F” ?
What is the prevailing rate for 1 Kanal plot in subject sector ?

Your input will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Adeel replied on Sunday, February 20, 2011 01:48 AM PST

Dear Expat Advisor, Thanks for a wholesome picture on DHAI.
Can you give an idea about latest situation of DHAI Ph 1 Ext?

Capital Development Authority asked to report on food outlets

Capital Development Authority asked to report on food outlets

ISLAMABAD – Directing the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to explain why and under what procedure space for restaurants in the city’s hilly areas had been allotted to various parties, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Environment asked the authority to submit a detailed report on why this environmentally dangerous action had been taken.

The NA body met on Saturday with its chairman MNA Raja Muhammad Asad Khan in the chair, who directed CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi to give a detailed report in a week about the growth of restaurants in the hilly areas of the capital and the procedure followed by CDA while allotting them lands. During the meeting, PML-Q MNA Nousheen Sayed asked CDA chairman to brief the committee about the space allotted for restaurants. She said, “How and to whom these lucrative plots for restaurants had been allotted. Was the land allotted through proper procedure and open tenders or were these plots handed out on political grounds.”

The CDA chairman told the committee that he would give a presentation on the issue within a week. “I don’t exactly know how the plots were allotted, as some of them were operational before I took charge,” Elahi added. Nousheen said that there were reports that the plots had been allotted in violation of rules. Moreover, committee also discussed zoning issue of Zone-III and Zone IV of Islamabad and the environmental hazards while developing the zones.

The CDA chairman told the committee that CDA had taken over the zone regulation of Zone-IV last year in accordance with the cabinet’s decision. He said CDA was strictly regulating development in Zone-IV keeping in view all environmental aspects. He said that CDA could not stop the construction on the private land as Supreme Court had barred the authority to do so. He said that CDA had two options either to acquire the private land in the zone or allow the people to carry on construction.

Ghazi-Barotha water supply project: Status pending, but not for long

Ghazi-Barotha water supply project: Status pending, but not for long
ISLAMABAD: The government will help Capital Development Authority (CDA) implement its plan on provision of water from Ghazi Barotha Dam to the twin cities. Sources privy to the development told The Express Tribune that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani himself had assured the civic body of full support on the project.

“As per arrangements, the Economic Division in two months time will seek Expression of Interest through media advertisement from different multinational companies for the execution of the multi-billion project,” an official said, adding that the project will be executed entirely on a loan basis.

After its approval back in 2005, the project was marred by many controversies. The provinces’ concern in the matter, however, was the main stumbling block in its execution.

Upon being contacted, CDA Member Engineering, Abdul Jabbar Milano, confirmed the latest development.

He added that the water supply project was high on the priority list of CDA Chairperson Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, to overcome the “imminent water crisis in the federal capital.”
“Due to controversies, we could not add a single source of water to the existing water supply sources for the last many years,” he said. The water situation would further worsen after completion of construction work of five stars hotels, business centres and new sectors, he added.
At present, Simly Dam on River Soan, Khanpur Dam on River Korang and tube wells provide water to Islamabad.

Sanaullah Baloch, an official in Water Management wing of CDA, told The Express Tribune that the project was in doldrums since 2006 when the provinces raised their concern, due to which, later on the federal government dropped the issue.

Originally a Rs22 billion project (in 2005), the same project will now cost around Rs50 billion for completion, he added.
“If the project is executed, in the first phase alone, 100 million gallons each will be supplied to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi,” Baloch said.
The project also includes construction of filtration plants, small reservoirs and two water tunnels. Thus, CDA would be able to provide water to the residents of Islamabad at their “doorsteps around the clock at subsidised rates”, he said.

Milano said the construction work of the project will be awarded through International Competitive Bidding process as per the procedure of the government, after completion of the studies, codal formalities and arrangements of funds.

Not a sudden development CDA has been trying to get the project off ground for quite some time now. Back in October, at a ceremony held in CDA Directorate, CDA chairperson had said that the authority had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a private Chinese firm to review the feasibility study of the project.

The MoU was signed between CDA and Sinohydro Corporation Limited, a Chinese central government-owned company to review the feasibility study for conduction of water from Indus River System at Haripur/Siran pocket site of Tarbela Dam to Islamabad and Rawalpindi free-of-charge.