Islamabad Property News : encroachments danger or commuters

Islamabad Property News : encroachments danger or commuters.

ISLAMABAD: Encroachments have become hazardous in populated areas around Bhara Kahu due to the negligence of the administration and inattention of elected representatives. Encroachments have become a big problem for pedestrians and transporters on Col Amanullah Road, Bazaar Stop, Simli Dam Road, Kiyani Road, Bhera Bridge and other areas of Bhara Kahu. “Vendors and their stalls hamper the smooth flow of traffic and cause road accidents,” said a local resident. All encroachers have established their business by placing stalls in front of shops. Citizens have time and again complained to the administration over the issue, but no action was taken to address the problem, said another resident. Residents, transporters and civil society members have demanded the higher authorities to take action against encroachments in various areas of the city


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Author: Lahore Estate